Impactis M

Vast amounts of good energy.

The device is used for the RSWT (Radial ShockWave Therapy). Generated in the head, kinetic energy is converted to acoustic energy on contact with the skin. The wave reaches deeper tissues (up to 6 cm deep into the body) and superficial tissues.

The biological action of the shockwave produces numerous effects desirable in medicine, such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regeneration or disintegration (in calcification).


Impactis M

Versatility of applications

With its unique properties, Impactis M can be used effectively in rehabilitation, orthopaedics and sports or aesthetic medicine.

The main areas of applications for the device include chronic pain, removal of calcification, elimination of tendon fatigue, intrafascial fusions and enthesopathy.

A powerful amount of energy generated by Impactis M can produce truly astonishing results: it can eliminate a severe condition, prevent a surgical intervention and reduce the rehabilitation time even by half.


Impactis M

Intuitive and convenient operation

Impactis M was designed to provide the operator with optimal working conditions. An easy to read 7-inch touchscreen with a knob for accurate adjustment guarantees easy operation right from the start.


Impactis M

Everything under control

Impactis M offers the full control of parameters and the progress of treatment. A simple and easy to read user’s interface prevents from selecting undesirable parameters or an operation mode. The process of generating and accumulating energy in the head can be stopped at any moment.


Impactis M

Less is more

Impactis M was cleverly designed to include the maximum power and functionality in as few elements as possible and a neat and compact enclosure. Owing to its small size, the device can be easily transported and used outside the physiotherapist’s surgery, e.g. at the patient’s house or in the sports hall.


Impacits M

43 integrated programs

Impactis M was developed in cooperation with physiotherapists with many years of experience. Their proposals and observations became the basis for developing 43 treatment programs dedicated to specific disorders. You do not have to worry about setting treatment parameters; just select a proper program from the list.

Well-deserved trust

Impactis M was made in close cooperation with medical practitioners, physiotherapists and researchers of renowned universities. Thus, as a product that meets the actual needs of the medical community, it has quickly built up a well-deserved reputation on the market.

Jakub Białek

“I have been working with Impactis M for 2 years and I am a very satisfied user. Big areas in the touchscreen allow me to change parameters easily during the treatment, and the absorbing system has a beneficial effect on the physiotherapist’s work ergonomics. A big advantage is the titanium transmitter that performs well in chronic conditions.”

Radosław Krowiak
Physiotherapist BBTS Bielsko-Biała

“I am a sports physiotherapist and in my professional practice I often perform shockwave treatments with the ASTAR IMPACTIS M. So far, I have used the wave among athletes of various disciplines, basketball players, hockey players and volleyball players, with very good results. Athletes are a unique group of patients who need strong stimuli to speed up the regeneration of the locomotor system. Increased muscle mass and strong tendons and ligaments manifestly respond to such mechanical stimulation. I use the shockwave to reduce the increased muscular tension, eliminate trigger points, provide post-workout regeneration, treat the damage to muscles and ligaments (strains or tears) and scarring and treat chronic inflammations (tendinopathy and enthesopathy). In the rehabilitation of athletes, the key factor is the time of recovery and getting back to training. Therefore, I use the wave at shorter time intervals than in ordinary patients. I believe that the shockwave should be the basic equipment of every professional sports club as it accelerates considerably the healing of sports injuries.”

Impactis M - widok aparatu

Safety and quality guaranteed.

Impactis M is manufactured in Poland by Astar, a Polish leader in the physical therapy equipment sector. Operating uninterruptedly since 1995, the company has developed intensively, which allowed it to place several dozens of successful products on the Polish and foreign markets. Behind the success story of Impactis M, there is not only the experience of 20 years, but also an ambitious team of professionals in various fields, working closely with an international group of physiotherapists. As the other devices manufactured by Astar, Impactis M passed dozens of rigorous tests. The product has all the necessary registrations and certificates. To ensure the adequate quality, the majority of parts and subassemblies are manufactured on site where the device is also assembled, inspected or serviced. Owing to the full control of its design and manufacturing process, Impactis M is covered by a long warranty reaching at times even 5 years.

The company implemented a quality system certified by a renowned body, TÜV Rheinland...


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